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Thank you SO much for booking my appointment and treating me the day before our wedding back in October! Because of you we were able to dance the night away and enjoy a relaxing honeymoon, painfree. We are very grateful to be your patients, and hope all is well!

Sincerely, Christina and Michael Montgomery

I want you to know how thankful I am that you were there to help me in my time of need. You are doing the important work of healing people. The Lordex only did so much — your advice and extra care were key to my recovery.

Bill Rogers

I came to Dr. Huffman a few months ago with intense lower back pain and sciatic pain down my left leg. As an active 24-year-old, I was very frustrated by the fact that I could not run or walk without being in pain. Dr. Huffman did a fantastic job of explaining to me what was wrong and what options I had. I never felt forced into any sort of treatment with which I was not comfortable. He was intelligent, easy to talk to, and made me feel much better, physically and emotionally, about my back. In just over a month I went from being in constant pain to running and winning second place in my first race. I am also able to get back into the gymI cannot even begin to fathom the pain I would still be in had I not seen Dr. Huffman. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who has been experiencing the same problems I had.

David B., Charlottesville VA

When I first went to see Dr. Huffman my pain was a 10 out of 10. I had burning in both legs. My MRI showed degenerative disc disease, a bulging disc, and spinal stenosis. Walking down to the barn to feed my horses was so painful I had to stop half way and rest. The short drive from Orange to Charlottesville was so painful I could hardly stand it. I thought about surgery but my mother-in-law convinced me to try Spinal Decompression first. I am now pain free. I can walk with no trouble, and I recently drove to Maine for a vacation and had no pain at all.

Steve Shifflett, Orange VA

Dr. Huffman is a GREAT chiropractor. When I went to see him my lower back and legs were in a lot of pain that seemed to be increasing. In just a few short visits my pain had gone away, I could sleep better and even my frequent headaches didn't exist anymore. When we met he was very thorough with what was causing the pain and let me ask as many questions as I needed so that I understood what was wrong and what he was going to do to fix it. I have already sent someone to his office for help and make sure to tell everyone who says they need a chiropractor that he is the right one to see. Thanks Dr. Huffman for making my back fell 100% better!

Sena W., Charlottesville VA

Dr. Huffman has helped heal my sciatic with a variety of treatments. Very creative with his approach and listens carefully to the patient. Always extremely prompt and I don't feel rushed!

Jessica G.

When I went to Dr. Huffman, I had been diagnosed with three pinched nerves in my lower back due to degenerating disks. I had been to two other chiropractors before going to Dr. Huffman without any relief from the pain and I was afraid that back surgery was going to be in my future. After working with Dr. Huffman to strengthen my back muscles and sessions on the Lordex, the pain in my back is almost gone. I would recommend seeing Tate to anyone who is experiencing back pain of any sort.

Helen Reutlinger, Charlottesville VA

My name is Nancy Brewer, I am 63 years old. I have always been active, gone to the gym for years and love to garden. I have lifted and carried my children and grand children and started my own business in 2007. Since starting Builders Lighting I have become even more active. I climb ladders, lift heavy boxes and heave them on shelves that are above my head. I visit job sites that require me to climb areas that have no steps yet and balance on boards entering an unfinished home. Often I would complain about my “aching back” but kept on doing as I always had.

I have two new friends I want to tell you about. One is Dr. Tate Huffman, the other is his friend LORDEX. I have become quite fond of both but first I want to share with you what my own personal beliefs WERE. It may have something to do with my age. I never gave Chiropractors the respect they deserved, I certainly did not recognize them as “real doctors”. My parents would shake their heads at the sound of the word “chiropractor” as if it were ;dirty. Then one day my husband, Jim Brewer, wrote a wonderful article about Dr. Huffman and encouraged me to visit him after a very bad episode with my lower back. I fought him tooth and nail but sometimes pain causes you to think differently so…

I have been visiting Dr. Huffman and LORDEX for several months now and take back anything negative I have ever said about Chiropractors. In fact, I cannot say enough wonderful things about Tate who is so caring, gentle and compassionate. I am no longer in pain during the day and the tingling I was experiencing is almost non-existent.

Dr. Huffman has also taught me to rethink my eating habits. I am not over weight, I just need to eat more natural foods and meats in particular. He has also taught me to stretch more and stop the old belief of “no pain, no gain”. In other words be more caring and kind to myself. Life is too short to live in pain.

Go see Dr. Tate Huffman and get on with living YOUR life without pain. It’s the best advice anyone can offer.

Nancy Brewer, Builders Lighting LLC


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